Mediterranean Diet N=1 Experiment 

Olive oil is a prominent source of fat in the Mediterranean diet

I’ve seen a few other articles like this recently. Click the link below for details.

“As someone who loves food too much to deprive themselves of anything, I’m not the biggest supporter of diets. The one exception, however, is the Mediterranean “diet” because it’s more a regional nutritional philosophy. Rather than eliminating certain food groups, it emphasizes fresh and healthy items such as fruits and veggies, whole grains, and of course, olive oil (a Mediterranean staple). In fact, it was even voted the best overall diet by US News & World Report (tying with the DASH diet) and determined the best diet for weight loss, according to Harvard Medical studies. Since I already love Greek and Italian fare, I decided to give the Mediterranean diet a shot for a week. The TL;DR version: I absolutely loved it.”

Source: Mediterranean Diet Experiment | POPSUGAR Fitness Australia

Steve Parker MD, Advanced Mediterranean Diet

Two diet books in one

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