Moderate Alcohol Consumption Reduces Age-Related Inflammation and Postpones Frailty in Older Adults


Jamesons Irish Whiskey (Photo copyright: Steve Parker MD)

We learned last week that alcohol causes cancer. This week, it seems to protect against frailty and inflammation in U.S. adults over 50, as long as the dose is right. Not too little, not too much. From the abstract linked below, I can’t say how much alcohol the authors consider “moderate.” If you want to see the full research report, you can pay the publisher $40 (USD).


“Overall findings suggest that inflammation measured by CRP [C-reactive protein] is one mechanism by which moderate alcohol use may confer protective effects for frailty. These findings inform future research relating alcohol use and frailty, and suggest inflammation as a possible mechanism in the relationship between moderate alcohol use and other beneficial health outcomes.”

Source: C-reactive protein level partially mediates the relationship between moderate alcohol use and frailty: the Health and Retirement Study

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Steve Parker, M.D.

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