Being overweight or obese linked to increased risk of eight more cancers 

From MedicalNewsToday:

“A new study strengthens the link between obesity and cancer, after identifying a further eight cancers that are more likely to develop with excess weight, including stomach, pancreas, and liver cancers.

Researchers have associated excess weight with a further eight cancers.

But there is some good news; researchers say losing the excess weight and preventing further weight gain can help lower the risk of these cancers.”

*   *   *

“The researchers found sufficient evidence to suggest excess weight can increase the risk of eight cancers, in addition to the five already identified. These cancers include:

Gall bladder cancer
Liver cancer
Meningioma – a form of brain tumor
Multiple myeloma – a type of blood cancer
Ovarian cancer
Pancreatic cancer
Thyroid cancer”

Source: Being overweight, obese linked to increased risk of eight more cancers – Medical News Today

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