Endocrine Groups Agree on Healthy Lifestyle and Diet Choices

MedPageToday has the poop.

Patients may need help managing metabolic and endocrine disorders with healthy eating and lifestyle choices, and now there’s a comprehensive set of clinical guidelines, issued jointly by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, the American College of Endocrinology, and the Obesity Society, to assist them.

I lost interest when they recommended avoiding saturated fats. There’s no call for that.

All patients, in addition to receiving an education in nutrition and meal preparation, should engage in 150 minutes or more of physical activity weekly, and learn ways to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, receive adequate sleep, and budget time to relax and reduce stress. Patients should also generally consume a mix of animal and plant proteins and carbohydrates. They should reduce the fat consumed with dairy and animal products, and avoid saturated fats.


Two key recommendations he noted were that healthy eating with a focus on fresh foods — such as fruits and vegetables — was central to a healthy meal plan, and that there was no evidence to support consumption of vitamin supplements except in deficient populations.

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