QOTD: Scott Gavura Reflects on Pharmacy Changes Over Last Two Decades

“And most disturbingly, I see a massive growth by the profession of pharmacy to leverage its professional credibility to sell all types of modern-day snake oil, ranging from detox kits and “cleanses” to dubious “food intolerance” testing, and even the ethically questionable decision to sell homeopathic remedies (an elaborate placebo system of sugar pills) on pharmacy shelves alongside real medicine. And don’t forget the enormous wall of vitamins that seems to get larger and larger. Yes, complementary and alternative medicine is booming, and pharmacy wants its share. What do my pharmacy colleagues tell me? They’ll tell me it’s customer demand, and that they don’t recommend the quackery. To me, I see this trend as damaging the credibility of pharmacists in the eyes of the public and of other health professionals.”

                 — Scott Gavura, pharmacist

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