Considering “The Fast Diet”? Read Dr. Freedhoff’s Review First

Dr. Freedhoff is a bariatric physician and a good writer. For example:

The book was written by non-practicing physician turned journalist Dr. Michael Mosley and his journalist co-author Mimi Spencer and it leads with the theory that because humans evolved during times of severe dietary insecurity, where fasting was the unavoidable norm, that fasting has unique properties that in turn are healthful and protective. And while that may be true, it certainly has yet to be proven as the science is nowhere near conclusive yet just as the authors themselves point out on the second introductory page, “Scientists are only just beginning to discover…

…Sadly, the cautionary comment that the science of fasting is young was a rarity in this book that takes hyperbole, conjecture, anecdote and hope to truly dramatic levels and even just 5 pages following the “just beginning” statement the state of the evidence has somehow morphed into, “The scientific evidence was extensive and compelling“. Odd that statement in the context of this book given the vast bulk of the book is quite literally built off the personal (and clearly conflicted) anecdotal evidence of Dr. Mosley and Ms. Spencer’s own experiences with their diet – one might have thought that were there actually extensive and compelling evidence a medically trained award winning journalist might have preferred to rely on it to tell the story rather than what he ate for breakfast.

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