Businesses May Have a Way to Escape Obamacare

…through self-insurance according to an article at MedPageToday.  Many businesses are quite concerned about their ability to pay for the Affordable Care Act.  They’re looking for ways around it so they can stay in business, keep all their employees, without raising prices too high.  From the referenced article, here’s how self-insurance works:

To employees, medical self-insurance looks like a regular health plan. Self-insured employers pay for most worker health costs directly, though they contract with an insurer or other company to administer claims. The employers also buy coverage known as stop-loss for claims exceeding a certain amount. Brokers say a growing number of firms see such plans as low-cost alternatives to conventional coverage because they’re exempt from ACA requirements such as insurance taxes and specified benefits.

For example, if an employer doesn’t want to pay for sex-change operations, they could exclude that as a covered service.

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