Lower Divorce Risk If Husband and Wife Both Drink the Same Amount of Alcohol

Wine is a traditional component of the healthy Mediterranean diet.  But you can over-do it.

From Mail Online

A study of nearly 20,000 married couples revealed that husbands and wives who both consumed a moderate intake of alcohol were far less likely to divorce than couples where one was a heavy drinker.

Just 5.8 per cent of couples who were lighter drinkers ended up splitting up from their long-term partners, according to the study from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

When both husband and wife were heavy drinkers the divorce rate of the Norwegian couples was 17.2 per cent.

The highest divorce rate – 26.8 per cent – was in couples where the husband was a light-drinker while the wife went on binges.

However, it seems women are more forgiving, as when the roles were reversed the divorce rate halved to 13.1 per cent.

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