189 Reasons to Set Up a Home Gym

Health on Today reports on a survey of gym gross-outs.

I have a home gym: Schwinn Air-Dyne stationary bike, treadmill, weight bench, and a set of dumbbells.  No gym fees, travel time, or gross-outs.  

One response to “189 Reasons to Set Up a Home Gym

  1. The convenience of a home gym is very important to me as the only time I have is from 5:30 to about 6:30am and it is a lot easier to walk to the basement than to drive 8 miles each way to a health club.

    A tip I offer is to watch for yard sales. A lot of people only use the equipment the bought over the holiday season a few times and want to unload it. Spring cleaning is a great motivator. We were able to get a nice stair climber and a good Schwinn exercise bike for almost nothing (one was just hauling it away, the other was $25). Watch out for junk, but it can be a nice way to add equipment.