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COVID-19: The Most Politicized Disease of My 40-Year Medical Career

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Yes, COVID-19 was scary for healthcare workers, but not nearly as scary as Ebola virus and the early days of AIDS

Regarding the pandemic, do you wonder:

  • how politicians in Washington, DC, had the authority to suspend evictions of folks who didn’t make their mortgage payments
  • how politicians could destroy hundreds of thousands of businesses and jobs by imposing worthless lockdowns
  • how pharmacists could routinely refuse to fill prescriptions (ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine) from licensed physicians
  • why certain governors forbade the use of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine
  • how the fear-porn was ratcheted up so high that relatives of dying patients were not allowed in hospital rooms
  • how police dared to arrest a lone paddle boarder in the Pacific ocean for violating lockdown
  • how and why millions of people were forced or coerced into taking experimental vaccines without a long-term safety record (even pregnant women!)
  • why the mainstream press doesn’t report the underlying financing and profits linked to the “free” vaccines

One usually reliable way to find answers to such questions is to “follow the money.” In other words (Latin), cui bono? Too many of our national-level politicians are also motivated by pure power, regardless of the money. I’m also convinced there are darker forces at play, pure evil. But that’s for you to decide for yourself.

I suggest you watch a free movie, The Greatest Reset. Free except for 2.5 hours of your life. It may provide you with some answers to your non-medical questions about this politicized pandemic. I don’t know who produced the movie or who financed it. I don’t endorse everything in it. Try to keep an open mind. For sure, you are not getting the full story from the mainstream press.

Steve Parker, M.D.

PS: Six Media Companies Control 90% of What You Read, Watch, and Hear

Never Again: Pandemic Lockdowns

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“But their intentions were good……………………..right?”

I linked to a Johns Hopkins meta-analysis earlier this year, but it’s too important not to mention again. People have short memories and governments will undoubtedly once again try to shut us down. From Health News Florida:

“We find no evidence that lockdowns, school closures, border closures, and limiting gatherings have had a noticeable effect on COVID-19 mortality,” the researchers wrote in the report…..

The study concluded that lockdowns “are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.”

“They have contributed to reducing economic activity, raising unemployment, reducing schooling, causing political unrest, contributing to domestic violence, and undermining liberal democracy,” the report said.

Steve Parker, M.D.

The Lancet Seriously Considers the Lab-Leak Theory of COVID-19’s Origin

artist's rendition of coronavirus
Artist’s rendition of Coronavirus. Genetically modified by an American lab before release into the wild?

From the Lancet Commission on lessons for the future from from the COVID-19 pandemic:

Two main possible pathways of emergence have been identified.

The first is that SARS-CoV-2 emerged from a natural spillover event—that is, from a non-research-related zoonotic transmission of the virus from an animal to a human, and thereafter from human to human. The second is that the virus emerged from research-related activities, with three possible research-related pathways: the infection of a researcher in the field while collecting samples, the infection of a researcher in the laboratory while studying viruses collected in their natural habitat, and the infection of a researcher in the laboratory while studying viruses that have been genetically manipulated. Because both the pathways of natural transmission and of research-related transmission are feasible, preventing the emergence of future pandemic pathogens must include two distinct strategies: the prevention of natural (zoonotic) transmission and the prevention of research-related spillovers. Each of these strategies requires specific actions.

Ron Unz has a theory that COVID-19 was created in an American lab and unleashed on Iranian and Chinese populations purposefully. Do you dare go down that rabbit hole? Odds are, Mr Unz is a lot smarter than you.

Steve Parker, M.D.

Non-U.S. Countries Restricting COVID-10 Vaccination of Children

From FEE:

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) announced last week that children under the age of 12 will no longer be offered Covid-19 vaccines, unless the children are deemed high risk.


Presumably the decision stems from the fact that small children are by far the least likely to fall seriously ill from Covid combined with government data that shows myocarditis is a serious (though rare) side effect, particularly in young males.

Whatever the case, the UKHSA’s decision puts England in line with several other European countries—including Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark—that do not offer or recommend mRNA vaccines to healthy young children.


In Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser is embroiled in a bitter battle over her order that all students must be vaccinated for Covid-19 for in-person learning in schools, a policy that could have severe implications considering that an estimated 40 percent of black teens are unvaccinated.

Somebody’s right and somebody’s wrong. What do you think?

Steve Parker, M.D.

COVID-19 Link Dump: Austrian Health Minister Blames Docs For Vax Damages; Sachs Says Virus Originated in U.S. Biolab; Proton Pump Inhibitors Increase Risk of Severe Disease & Death

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Are you tired of this pic yet?

From Paul Craig Roberts:

In Austria the massive harm done to human life and health done by the Covid “vaccines” has resulted in the Austrian Minister of Health shifting responsibility to doctors who betrayed their medical responsibility to inform patients of the risks of the vaccine.

Of course, had doctors done so, they would have been punished for “spreading misinformation.” It was the Austrian government that tried to mandate coercive vaccination of every Austrian.


The US death rate in the Covid year of 2020 was the same as in 2019. The death rate shot up after the vaccination campaign. 

Jeffrey Sachs thinks the virus originated in a U.S. biolab:

Covid-19 did not come out of some natural reservoir but rather “out of US lab biotechnology” in an accident, world-renowned economist and author Jeffrey Sachs has claimed, speaking at a conference hosted by the GATE Center think tank in Spain in mid-June.

He’s an economist. What does he know about virology and disease? IIRC, for a couple years he was chairman (I will not call him a chair) of the Covid-19 commission at the prestigious medical journal The Lancet.

From Joe Alcock MD:

A recent study by Lee et al has shown another surprising risk for PPIs: In this study out of South Korea, patients with COVID-19 who were taking PPIs had a 1.6x increase risk for severe disease and death. Another meta-analysis showed a similarly increased risk:

COVID-19 Mortality and ICU-level disease are higher in current PPI users.

Steve Parker, M.D.

#COVID-19 Link Dump: Pierre Kory on the Vax, Why Are So Many Working-Age People Dying, the De-Platforming of Dr Vernon Coleman, Dr Russell Blaylock On the Politicization of COVID-19, COVID-19 Hitting “Boosted” Folks More Than Non-Boosted, Lockdowns Didn’t Prevent Deaths, Vax Linked to Infertility

n95 mask, goggles
A skeptical eye

Pierre Kory on the vax debacle:

I recently posted a deeply referenced compilation of evidence detailing the historic humanitarian catastrophe that has slowly unfolded within most advanced health economies across the world. Caused by a global mass vaccination campaign led by the Pharma masters of BMGF/WHO/CDC that illogically (but profitably) targeted a rapidly mutating coronavirus. They did it with what turned out to be the most toxic protein used therapeutically in the history of medicine. In vials mixed with lipid nano-particles, polyethylene glycol and who knows what else. 

I cited studies and reports showing massive increases in cardiovascular deaths and neurologic (and other) disabilities amongst working age adults, beginning in 2021 only. A disturbing signal screaming from the original clinical trials data , VAERS datalife insurance datadisability datareports of cardiac arrests of professional athletesrises in ambulance calls for cardiac arrests in pre-heart attack age young people, and the massive increases in illnesses and data manipulations in Department of Defense databases. 

As these events become more and more recognized by the average citizen (and occasional journalist), a new pathetic “Disinformation Campaign” was launched in response trying to blame all the young people dying as simply a need for increased awareness of the rare condition called Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS), rather than examples of the legions dying from the vaccines. The fact checkers also came out in support of this narrative, branding anyone who thinks the vaccines are the cause of SADS as a conspiracy theorist.

From Margaret Menge:

Five months after breaking the story of the CEO of One America insurance company saying deaths among working people ages 18-64 were up 40% in the third quarter of 2021, I can report that a much larger life insurance company, Lincoln National, reported a 163% increase in death benefits paid out under its group life insurance policies in 2021.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on

This is according to the annual statements filed with state insurance departments — statements that were provided exclusively to Crossroads Report in response to public records requests.

The reports show a more extreme situation than the 40% increase in deaths in the third quarter of 2021 that was cited in late December by One America CEO Scott Davison — an increase that he said was industry-wide and that he described at the time as “unheard of” and “huge, huge numbers” and the highest death rates that have ever been seen in the history of the life insurance business.

I can’t imagine and insurance company paying out a death benefit without seeing a certified death certificate. So what’s the cause of death on those certificates? Folks 18-64 years of age are not often the ones who die from COVID-19. But many of them were “required” to take the vax. Is the vax killing them?

The de-platforming of Dr Vernon Coleman:

Privately and professionally, sharing the truth in 2020 was the worst thing I ever did. It has brought me and my beloved, hard-working and constantly loyal wife nothing but personal and professional pain. It has taken up nearly every minute of my life for two years.

The aim of the attacks was not, simply to destroy me – it was to stop people listening to anything I said, or reading anything I wrote. Before March 2020 I had many millions of readers around the world. I wonder how many I have left now. Precious few, I suspect. How do people know that the word ‘discredited’, plucked out of thin air and applied to my name by Google, is just a libel and not a fact? How many know that the ASA which is quoted is a private organisation funded by advertisers?

I was expelled from the Royal Society of Arts because ‘of my views and my recent involvement in the BBC Panorama programme’. That’s what they said. This seemed to me to be a bit like arresting someone because they’d been mugged. (I was never invited to appear on the programme they mentioned. The BBC boasts that it won’t ever give airtime to those questioning vaccination ‘whether they’re right or wrong’.)

The abuse on social media grew and grew. It isn’t normal, unpleasant social media abuse. It is a campaign of suppression and oppression, decorated with malicious lies, and threats (including death threats) invented to help keep the truth suppressed.

If my videos or articles are put on sites such as YouTube by other people they are taken down within minutes.

Look, I don’t even know what Dr Coleman wrote or said in 2020 about COVID-19. If you know, leave a brief summary in the comment section. Shouldn’t he be allowed to air his medical opinions, even if dead wrong?

He mentioned his LinkedIn account was shut down. Mine was, too. If I wanted to know why, I needed to send them a photo of my driver’s license, which I ain’t gonna do.

Dr Russell Blaylock writing in Surgical Neurology International:

The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most manipulated infectious disease events in history, characterized by official lies in an unending stream lead by government bureaucracies, medical associations, medical boards, the media, and international agencies. We have witnessed a long list of unprecedented intrusions into medical practice, including attacks on medical experts, destruction of medical careers among doctors refusing to participate in killing their patients and a massive regimentation of health care, led by non-qualified individuals with enormous wealth, power and influence.

For the first time in American history a president, governors, mayors, hospital administrators and federal bureaucrats are determining medical treatments based not on accurate scientifically based or even experience based information, but rather to force the acceptance of special forms of care and “prevention”—including remdesivir, use of respirators and ultimately a series of essentially untested messenger RNA vaccines. For the first time in history medical treatment, protocols are not being formulated based on the experience of the physicians treating the largest number of patients successfully, but rather individuals and bureaucracies that have never treated a single patient—including Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, EcoHealth Alliance, the CDC, WHO, state public health officers and hospital administrators.

From McClatchy Washington Bureau:

Since late February, Americans who have gotten a booster shot appear to be testing positive for COVID-19 more often than those vaccinated without the extra shot, according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data.

This is based on numbers up until the week of April 23, which is the most recently released CDC data comparing case rates of those boosted, vaccinated and unvaccinated against the coronavirus. Ultimately, the numbers, which are updated monthly, showed those unvaccinated had the highest case rates overall.

Meanwhile, about 119 out of 100,000 boosted individuals tested positive for COVID-19 during the week of April 23, according to CDC data. In comparison, 56 out of 100,000 individuals vaccinated with only a primary series tested positive.

Johns Hopkins researchers say the lockdowns didn’t reduce deaths from COVID-19:

The results of our meta-analysis support the conclusion that lockdowns in the spring of 2020 had little to no effect on COVID-19 mortality. This result is consistent with the view that voluntary changes in behavior, such as social distancing, did play an important role in mitigating the pandemic.

Photo by Garon Piceli on

COVID-19 vaccines linked to infertility:

Why is there a substantial decrease in births in Germany and Switzerland (and other countries) – nine months after the beginning of covid mass vaccinations?

Do covid vaccines influence male or female fertility? … new birth data out of Germany and Switzerland raises some serious questions. Specifically, both countries recorded a consistent 10% to 15% decrease (compared to expectations) in monthly births from January to March/April 2022 (the latest available data) – that is, precisely nine months after the beginning of covid mass vaccination in the general population in April/May 2021 (see charts above and below).

How can this substantial decrease be explained? Is it due to behavioral or biological factors?

Steve Parker, M.D.

Dr Ryan Cole Warns: “Don’t Take the mRNA Vax Booster!”

The patient is wise to look away. If you watch the needle go in, it’ll hurt more.

Greg Hunter interviewed pathologist Dr Ryan Cole:

Dr Cole avers that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines (e.g., Moderna and Pfizer) are making people sick and killing some. How so? Impairing immunity, leading to cancers and recrudescence of prior cancers and dormant infections such as varicella and Eptein-Barr virus. Also via clot formation induced by the spike proteins induced by the vaccination, leading to sudden death. Dr Cole believes that the damage caused by the vaccines will eventually exceed that of COVID-19 itself.

I work as a hospitalist at a 120-bed hospital in southern Arizona, HonorHealth Thompson Peak hospital in Scottsdale. This is in an area called “The Valley of the Sun,” which is best known for Phoenix but includes may adjacent cities like Scottsdale, Mesa, Gilbert, Sun City, Peoria, and others. Arizona has ~7.5 million residents; ~3 million are in the Valley. What you may not know is that the Valley population fluctuates significantly every year because we have winter visitors from other states that come to here avoid the snow and cold. The “snowbirds” arrive in December and most depart by mid-May because it’s too damn hot here. A majority of winter visitors are elderly and retired. Because of their age, they are high healthcare utilizers. Hospitalized patient numbers swell in winter and recede in Spring.

I mention all this to say we’re seeing unusually high hospitalization rates even now, in June, and it’s not clear why. Possibilities include:

  • Available hospital beds counts aren’t keeping up with population growth
  • The residents are aging, so need, more hospital care
  • The pandemic temporarily reduced or restricted the delivery of medical care, so we are playing “catch up” now
  • The high vaccination rate over the last 1.5 years is making people sick

My little 120-bed hospital is an excellent facility but would not usually be considered a major regional referral center for all of Arizona. We’re not a trauma center and we don’t do cancer chemotherapy, obstetrics, pediatrics, or neurosurgery. But we’re getting referrals for admission from all over the state, such as Sierra Vista and Show Low. The reason we’re getting admissions from all over the state is because the larger referral centers (300-500 beds) are full. Why full? See the bullet list above. Another factor may be lack of support staff such as nurses. E.g., an ICU bed is worthless unless you have a nurse to take care of the patient. Is there a shortage because of the vax mandates? I don’t know.

I wish I had a high enough birds-eye view and data to figure this out.

Steve Parker, M.D

PS: I hear no chatter yet about HonorHealth mandating the vax booster for medical staff. I doubt I will take it.

COVID-19 Link Dump: Dr Makary Lambastes CDC’s Child Immunization Policy, Ivermectin Available By Law In Tennessee, Ministry of Truth Cancelled, Dr Crislip’s Review of the Pandemic Response #COVID-19

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It’s not over yet

Dr Marty Makary in the news again. From UK’s Daily Mail:

One of the nation’s leading public health experts has slammed the CDC’s top advisory panel over its approval of Covid booster shots for children as young as five years old – just as leading jab manufacturer Pfizer reveals plans to submit an application to give the shots to babies as young as six-months this week.

Dr Marty Makary, a public health expert from Johns Hopkins University, told that the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) is a ‘kangaroo court’ full of nothing but like-minded individuals pushing what he describes as ‘low value care’.

He also said that they never have seen a vaccine they would not approve, and that others who had previously gone against the pro-jab dogma had been forced off of the panel. 

From The Tennessee Star: Ivermectin Effective for Early Treatment of COVID-19 Now Easily Accessible in Tennessee Without Prescription

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee (R) has signed a bill that makes ivermectin, an antiviral drug that has been found to be an effective early treatment for COVID-19, available in the state without a prescription.

Lee signed SB 2188, approved by the State Senate, 66-20, and the State House, 22-6, which authorizes a pharmacist to provide ivermectin to patients 18 years of age or older, “pursuant to a valid collaborative pharmacy practice agreement containing a non-patient-specific prescriptive order and standardized procedures developed and executed by one or more authorized prescribers.”

Liberty Counsel, a Christian ministry and litigation firm, noted about the legislation:

“That means that adults can explain their symptoms to the pharmacist, fill out a sheet listing any preexisting conditions and other medications they are taking, and the pharmacist can determine the right dosage.”

Joe Biden’s plans for a Ministry of Truth are tabled for now. This video may have contributed to its (hopefully permanent) demise. Or his lawyers finally convinced him the Ministry of Truth was unconstitutional. Ever heard of the 1st Amendment, Joe?

Again from UK’s Daily Mail: FDA LIMITS use of Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine due to risk of life-threatening blood clots – a year after it lifted pause on one-shot regimen taken by 18 million

The agency is now only authorizing the pharmaceutical giant’s Janssen COVID vaccine to people 18 or older for whom other authorized or approved vaccines are not accessible or clinically appropriate, and to those 18 years or older who otherwise would not get a COVID vaccine.

The decision comes following an investigation into reports of thrombosis and thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS) – a rare and potentially life-threatening disease that creates blood clots and creates low levels of blood platelets – from those who have received the vaccine. 

There have been 60 confirmed cases, including nine fatalities, through March 18, 2022 from the nearly 19 million doses administered nationwide. The FDA  determined that the reporting rate of TTS is 3.23 per million doses of the vaccine administered, and the reporting rate of TTS deaths is 0.48 per million doss of vaccines administered.

Symptoms began in the confirmed cases about one to two weeks after the individual received the vaccine.

We haven’t seen much of the J&J vax in south central Arizona. Mostly Pfizer and Moderna.

A COVID-45 Retrospective by Infectious Disease Dr Mark Crislip at Science-Based Medicine. Some snippets:

Is it too soon for a COVID 45 retrospective? Perhaps. [I don’t know why he calls it COVID 45] I suspect COVID is going nowhere in my lifetime, as the current, likely undercounted, surge indicates. But there are two endpoints that could mark the end of the COVID pandemic. One is that the infection goes away. Never gonna happen. The other is when as a society we transition back to normal and at some level decide to live with COVID. I marked that point when the US resumed mass killings. Sadly, back to business as usual.

….It is impressive how the R0, the number of people that a single infected person can be expected to infect, goes up with each variant. I suspect the increasing infectivity, but not virulence, is a result of our half-assed approach to COVID infection control. With semi-masking, semi-social distancing, and semi-vaccination, we have probably been selecting for more infectious strains of COVID. 

….The other reason COVID is going nowhere is the relative lack of immunity after vaccination and disease. The vaccine is still great for preventing severe illness and death, both good endpoints, but with emerging variants partially evading prior immunity and large, in both numbers and BMI, populations of unvaccinated people, this virus will continue to circulate forever. Omicron seems particularly good at causing reinfection.

….COVID looks to be a perfect storm for perpetual disease: genetic variation, marginal immunity, half-assed infection control, and a susceptible population. Like what we have seen for the at least 500 years with influenza. 

….Like all ID docs, I prefer prevention over treatment, and preventing, or at least decreasing, the spread of COVID is simple. Mask and vaccine.

….The six-foot rule? I never bought into that one. In the hospital, where the infected patient is spewing infected droplets while lying in bed not moving in a room with hospital air handling, six feet of distance to prevent droplet spread is reasonable. The patient isn’t going anywhere and the air is being turned over rapidly.

….The slow course of the disease [in its early progression to death] is also why interventions directed at the virus seem to do so little. As a clinician, I can’t tell that remdesiver, or any treatment, is doing all that much.

….But steroids and other immunomodulators are effective in treating the late inflammatory phase of COVID and that surprised me. Immumomodulation has a dismal treatment record for most infectious disease, it was nice to see it work.

Dr Crislip credits masking for the relative absence of flu and some other respiratory infections over the last few years. “From the epidemiology so far, masks should be de rigueur during URI season.”

I recommend you RTWT.

Steve Parker, M.D.

PS: Reduce your odds of serious COVID-19 by losing excess fat and exercising. Let me help.

Pulse Oximetry May Add Nothing to Home Care of COVID-19

…per a letter to the editor at New England Journal of Medicine.

Study participants were enrolled from Nov 2020 to Feb 2021. So probably before the delta and omicron variants. Outpatients were assigned either to a “standard program” of home monitoring or the standard program + pulse oximetry. There was no difference between groups in terms of “number of days alive and out of the hospital.” For the 30-day trial, that number was 29.4-29.5. In other words, very few of the ~1000 enrolees got very sick.

Pulse oximeters are readily available in the U.S. for ~$40.

The standard program was “COVID Watch, a 2-week program involving twice-daily automated text messages inquiring about dyspnea and offering rapid callbacks from nurses when appropriate. This program has been associated with improved survival as compared with no remote monitoring.5

I spent about 10 mins trying to find the age of these patients. No luck. I don’t even now if they were adult. Thanks, NEJM. I’m not totally convinced that outpatient oximetry has no role in home treatment of COVID-19. But clearly not every patient needs it. Perhaps just those at high risk of hospitalization and death.

Steve Parker, M.D.

#COVID-19 Link Dump: Dr Bhattacharya Overview of U.S. Pandemic Response, Political Influence Over CDC and FDA, the New “Ministry of Truth”

artist rendition of coronavirus
Are you tired of this pic yet?

Nick Gillespie interview of Dr Jay Bhattacharya in April. 2022 regarding the U.S. response to CO VID-19:

Watch this before it’s deleted by Biden’s Ministry of Truth.

Who’s Bhattaharya? A Stanford professor of medicine (so an M.D.) who also has a PhD in economics. Notes I took during the video:

  • Lockdowns increased worldwide poverty, leading to deaths and other adverse effects that were not accounted for prior to lockdown implementation. (I’m on record as being against lockdowns and school-closings as of April 2, 2020.)
  • there will be no more lockdowns (excluding Shanghai, apparently)
  • interruption of schooling for children caused significant but little-discussed problems
  • dissenting scientific voices like his never should have been marginalized
  • he’s one of the three authors of the Great Barrington Declaration (I signed in Nov 2020)
  • he admits that the mRNA vaccines decrease severe disease (deaths and ? hospitalizations)
  • he took the Pfizer vaccine and caught COVID-19 afterwards; not boosted
  • “We never should have closed the schools.”
  • the collapse of confidence in public health authorities is a major problem; the authorities need to apologize for their bad recommendations
  • there’s no evidence that mask-wearing in children is helpful
  • he’s against vax mandates and vax passports, based on the science
  • the vaccines don’t stop spread of the disease
  • politically, he says he’s center-right
  • he’s against Big Tech censorship of dissenting voices
  • “COVID is here to stay, it’s never going away.”
  • expect new waves of disease and new variants
  • he says academic researchers are dependent on NIH grants and that’s a major reason academics were and are reticent to question Fauci’s recommendations
  • in addition to Fauci, Francis Collins and Rochelle Walensky deserve blame for mismanagement of the pandemic in the U.S.

I don’t disagree with anything Dr B says in the video. I figure he’s smarter than me, and certainly more articulate.

From UK’s DailyMail:

CDC and FDA ‘altered’ Covid guidance and even ‘suppressed’ findings while under political pressure, bombshell report suggests: Whistle-blower employees say they feared ‘retaliation’ if they spoke up

CDC and FDA officials ‘altered’ Covid guidance and even ‘suppressed’ findings related to the virus due to political pressure, a bombshell report suggests.

Investigators from the watchdog Government Accountability Office (GAO) spoke to more than a dozen directors and managers who worked at the agencies behind the country’s pandemic guidance.

They unearthed allegations of ‘political interference’ in scientific reports, raising fears that research was tampered with.

You didn’t see this on Fox, CNN, MSNBC, our your local news station, did you?

In Another Orwellian Move, Biden DHS to Create a ‘Disinformation Governance Board’

RedState says “Biden’s New ‘Ministry of Truth’ Director Turns out to Be a Raving Lunatic.” Her name is Nina Jankowicz.

Steve Parker, M.D.