ZDoggMD on Firing Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers

Of course, I disagree with much of what he says. For instance, I’m not at all convinced the vaccines are safe for pregnant women. He seems blind to the real possibility of extensive political and business corruption. But I applaud him for considering both multiple sides of the issue.

2 responses to “ZDoggMD on Firing Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers

  1. What exactly do you disagree with?
    The points he made were balanced and discussed, not dismissed. The reality of corporate greed was acknowledged.
    Your comment about the safety in pregnancy was also discussed.
    But you choose to disagree? Why? Even when someone tries to appeal to a balanced viewpoint, you comment: “Of course, I disagree with much of what he says”.
    It would be far more impressive if you told subscribers they should actually listen to this guy instead of trying to sell ‘miracle cures’ and trying to influence the gullible my ‘doctor’ friend!

    • For just one instance, the “experts” were saying the the gene therapy vaccines were safe for pregnant women before they had ANY significant real world clinical data with newborns and new mothers. There’s a reason most vaccines take at least 3-4 years before regulatory approval: it often takes that long to detect adverse effects. And you have to do animal studies, which take time, before ever experimenting on humans.

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